Шкіряна куртка Cyclone
Шкіряні куртки

Шкіряна куртка Cyclone

13 300 UAH
How to remove measures?

Нова модель Cyclone від Pretender виготовлена з легкої шкіри з ефектом "вінтаж", з використанням якісної фурнітури та підкладки з фірмовим принтом. Відмінний вибір для весняного та осіннього сезону

Delivery and payment

To make the purchase of Pretender brand goods even easier, we deliver in any convenient way for you.

After you place an order on the site, our staff will contact you to clarify all the necessary details. You can agree with him on how the delivery and payment will be. We work with both Ukraine and the CIS. We also plan to enter the markets of European countries.

Thank you for choosing "Pretender"!

How to care for clothes?

Here are some aspects to help you keep your first-class, beautiful looking leather product for a long time:

  • dust and dirt should be removed from the surface with a damp cloth;
  • use only natural soap for washing and washing - the best alternative to detergents;
  • oily stains should be removed using corn starch;
  • in no case can wash leather jackets in the washing machine!
Terms of return

Did you order the product but it still didn't fit in size? You can return the item to us for free. Make a refund within 30 days as instructed and we will refund you