About the Company

The company "PRETENDER" offers stylish and high-quality leather jackets ,shoes, hats and accessories. Products of the company will help to underline the uniqueness of your image.


The online - shop offers a variety of styles - from classic to rock-and-roll. Customers will especially be pleased by the vintage collection with prints. Here, everyone can find something to emphasize their individuality. A Jacket by Pretender will be a highlight of your wardrobe for a long time, whether it's a light leather jacket or an insulated winter jacket with a hood.


All Pretender goods are handmade from expensive, high - quality leather, supplied from verified suppliers abroad. Great deal of attention is paid to the production of each garment, to make sure these items will serve you for years.


Designers who create the garments, draw their inspiration from such legendary images as Crocodile Dandy, James Bond, Terminator, Indiana Jones, Leon killer pilots from "TOP GUN", and Butch ("Pulp Fiction") .


Brand "PRETENDER" is the best manufacturer of leather products in the CIS. Make a purchase and be sure that your expectations are fully met.